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Why Massage and Reiki?

Because they kill stress!

Stress has been identified as a major factor in many illnesses and painful conditions.

Hormonal and chemical changes it produces in the body can cause inflammation, including the joints and soft tissues.

An antidote to stress is the triggering of the “Relaxation Response” a term coined by Herbert Benson, MD of Harvard Medical school.

It means the switching of the nervous system from “fight or flight” mode (where harmful stress hormones flood the tissues) to “rest and digest” mode (where the body can focus on repairing damaged tissues and healing.)

Massage Therapy and meditation are two ways to coax the body into the Relaxation Response.

Everyone knows massage is awesome, but have you tried Reiki?

Some people are skeptical, but my clients are learning that it is really just a form of meditation that is easily learned and used to help ourselves and others.



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