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Massage Therapy

Like many therapists, I use a variety of techniques integrated seamlessly according to your goals for the session. You can see the classes I’ve taken here. (Scroll down when the link opens.)

However, my precise intuitive skill and ability to focus mindfully are the “something extra” that compel people to work with me, not any technique I have learned.

Skilled massage therapy is a given. Intuition, mindfulness, and true empathy make the difference between a routine spa-type massage and a healing experience just for you.

$55 (30 minutes) $105 (60 minutes) $145 (90 minutes) $180 (2 hours)

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Reiki (ray-kee) is a healing system originating in Japan. It is a simple and beautiful healing art where the practitioner acts as a channel for the “rei ki,” two words in Japanese meaning something like “universal life force or energy.” In a Reiki sessions the hands are placed on or above the body in certain positions on the head, torso, and legs. The receiver often experiences a peaceful, floaty feeling of easy well-being and a deep, grounded relaxation.* A reduction in pain, stress, anxiety are typical effects of Reiki sessions.

A healer of body, mind, and spirit, Reiki has a way of illuminating the way if you are faced with a life situation that needs shifting or resolution. After a Reiki session, don’t be surprised if a problem suddenly seems easier, dissolves, or a solution presents itself that you hadn’t thought of in the past. While a miracle healing is always possible, it is more common that Reiki will guide your life in a way that allows you to grow and heal at the pace that’s just right for you.

$45 (30 minutes) or  $70 (60 minutes)

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*You may feel the Reiki energy as tingling or warmth. You may feel like you’re dreaming and awake at the same time. We may get intuitive information about your life and health. Or you may just drift into a nice long nap while the Reiki works its magic. The thing about Reiki is that you can’t “control” what it will or won’t do. We never know what to expect, except that Reiki “knows” what to do. Every time. And will ONLY work for your best and highest good.




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