Gratuities + All One Fund

Please Show Appreciation!
As the sole proprietor of my business, I do not expect gratuities, but appreciate the support for my staff/colleagues. If I am your therapist, and you are feeling like you want to give, consider instead an occasional donation to my All One Fund.
is customary to add a 15-20% gratuity if you enjoyed your session for therapists on staff, since they work on commission, a percentage of the fee paid to the business.


What is the All One Fund?

I do not accept gratuities for my regular services. However, some people are really compelled to do so, out of habit or because they feel so good they really want to “pay it forward.” 

I invented my All One Fund so people would not be denied the joy of giving!

I hope rather than only dollars, I am collecting love for the good of humanity :-) We donate all funds directly to those helping others. Recent recipients have been The Home for Little Wanderers, the AIRE Art Donation Project, Maple Farm Sanctuary, and Cienega Cats and Dogs.

If you feel moved to give, that’s great. If not, also great.

Some people throw a dollar in the jar and we’ve had donations up to $150. Someday we may break that record! But any amount given with an open heart immediately changes the world. Namaste.