BUY SERIES (packages)

Save when you buy a pre-paid Series of 4 sessions of any service.

TO PURCHASE: Simply hit the scheduling button below. Go to “Special Offers” and book your first session. You’ll pay for the Series at that first session.

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PLEASE READ from my Policies page:

“Package Series are non refundable.

Please, only one per session. If you are an ongoing client using a package series, or re-booking discount, you needn’t miss out on taking advantage of my email or Facebook promotions. Use these promotions on a full-fee session and then continue using your package or re-booking discount the next time you come in.”


What’s the difference?  Series vs. Rebooking Discount ?

Series: Good for one year. Book any time.

Rebooking discount: Must book every three weeks or every two months.


Series: All sessions are discounted.

Rebooking discount. First session is full price, as are other sessions booked outside of discount time-frame.


Series: Higher, up-front payment.

Rebooking discount: Pay as you go single sessions.


Series: 10% discount.

Rebooking discount: 20% discount for rescheduling within three weeks. 10% for rescheduling within 2 months.