Intuitive Integrative Massage


My precise intuitive skill and ability to focus mindfully are the “something extra” that compel people to work with me, more than any technique I have learned. (I love to keep learning, though. You can see my credentials here.)

Your session may include massage cups, Reiki, deep tissue, aromatherapy as needed. Scroll down for more info…and please use your pre-session consult to address any questions, concerns, and preferences! 

Intuition, mindfulness, and true empathy make the difference between a routine spa-type massage and a healing experience just for you.




$55 (30 minutes)     $105  (60 minutes)      $145  (90 minutes)      $180 (2 hours)

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Plus check out my specialty services:


Signature Massage + Reiki Session (BOOK)

90 Minutes $105




Massage with Cupping (BOOK)

30 Minutes $55, 60 Minutes 105




Neck + Shoulder Pain Killer, includes Active Stretching (BOOK)

60 Minutes $85, 90 Minutes $125 




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Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)


Synergy Hot Stones

These are great in the winter, adding warmth and helping to melt tight and restricted muscles!