Learn Reiki!

Learning Reiki is an easy way to let go of pain and stress. It’s a fun way to practice meditation in a group setting, with the added bonus of learning simple method of hands-on healing to help yourself and your friends and family. (Your pets, your plants, everyone can benefit from Reiki!)

Reiki is the perfect way to enter a more purposeful, enlightened “spiritual-not-religious” lifestyle!

Start living with increased purpose and authenticity.  It helps you focus on the things you truly want in life and to let go of the clutter.

Level One gets you started in feeling more energetic, uplifted, and part of a larger group that aims to spread more joy, more community, more light…one Reiki Circle at a time. Anyone can do it!

Upcoming Class: December 10, 2017:  Click to Sign Up Now!

Peggy and Chrys (photo) are demonstrating Reiki. With a simple meditation and gentle placement of the hands, both giver and receiver drift quickly into the super healthy state, coined by Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard, as the relaxation response. Chrys and Peg both became regulars a year ago, and now practice in our Reiki Circles, with friends and family, and out in the community!

The Reiki community is perfect if you want a new activity with substance, a new place to belong, a hangover-free night out with the girls! (Ok it’s mostly women, but guys sometimes join us and are more than welcome :-) )



Usui Reiki Level One

History of Reiki

Reiki Principles

Basic Reiki Meditations

First Level Hands-on Healing

First Degree Attunement

Prerequisite: None

Fee: $130

On site at 17 Henshaw Street, 6 hours theory and practice

Upcoming class December 10, 2017: Click to Sign Up Now


Reiki One PLUS

Daily support for 21-day Meditation Challenge

Participation in Reiki Circles as practitioner

Email supervision of Case Studies

Practical Evaluation for continuing to Reiki Level Two

Prerequisite: Reiki Level One

Fee: $50

Online, as needed


Usui Reiki Level Two

Review of Reiki Principles and Basic Meditations

Second Degree Reiki Symbols (empowerment, mental/emotional, distance healing)

Introduction to Intuitive Processes (Byosen and Reiji Ho)

Second Degree Attunement

Prerequisite: Reiki One Extension or Reiki One, Practical Evaluation

Fee: $225

On site at 17 Henshaw Street, 6 hours theory and practice