Personalized Plan/Discovery

Most of our clients fit into these categories. Which one are you?

  1. I come in for a random massage when stress builds up or I tweak my neck.
  2. I am managing ongoing pain or stress by getting a massage when my condition flares up.
  3. This condition interferes with my daily life and I feel it’s time to do targeted work to address it.

If you’re in the third category, the Personalized Plan is for you. It starts with a more in-depth consultation. After your First Visit, we’ll have a better idea about what’s going on with your body, and how to help. (Also available for existing clients who feel they could be getting more out of massage.)

Here’s how the Discovery Session + Personalized Plan works.

  • We discuss the outcome of your First Visit or current bodywork routine, your goals for moving forward, and how to make the best impact on the problem you want to tackle.
  • We explore the types of treatments we offer, and also the time you have available and your budget.
  • We do a more targeted therapy session, using the methods we’ve chosen so you can try the ones that are new to you.
  • Afterwards, I’ll email options for further treatment.
  • You’ll pick the option you prefer and we’ll get going ASAP.


The Deep Dive Program

Are you ready for the Deep Dive? Do you feel relief when you hear it? “Yes, I’m ready to commit to feeling better!”

The Deep Dive gives you virtually unlimited access to my services for 30 days. You can come in as much as you’d like. Get a massage every day. Learn to stretch properly. Work with positive thinking, Reiki, and meditation. Aromatherapy spritzes and lotions. Breathing and body awareness. Email or text me if you need support. Set and modify goals as you progress.


Think of it as a month-long therapeutic stay-cation. If you’d like to run off to a sunny destination retreat, but can’t swing that right now, the Deep Dive is less expensive and more time-manageable.

If this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, email me with the following information:

  1. Subject line: Deep Dive Application
  2. Reason for your interest
  3. Potential Goals
  4. How much time per day or week you can envision as a commitment. Can you come to the office every day? Three times a week? Do you have a half hour every day for “homework?”

Obviously there are limits to the number of intensive clients I can work with. We need to make sure that this program is a good fit and that you will receive the maximum benefit from your time and financial commitments. There is a no refund policy intended for motivation to complete the 30 days once you’ve made your decision to feel better now!!