Save with Rebooking Discounts

Rebooking Discounts:
20%  off your next appointment if it’s within 3 weeks of your present one
10%  off if it’s within 2 months.

Rebook with me before you leave the office, or online.

No other discounts apply. Savings will be forfeited if you reschedule the appointment, for any reason, to a date outside the required time frame. 


PLEASE READ from my Policies page: “Discounts: Please, only one per session. If you are an ongoing client using a package series, or re-booking discount, you needn’t miss out on taking advantage of my email or Facebook promotions. Use these promotions on a full-fee session and then continue using your package or re-booking discount the next time you come in.”


FAQ: What are pros and cons of Packages vs. Rebooking Discounts

Packages vs. Rebooking Discount

Packages: Good for one year. Book any time.

Rebooking discount:  Must book every two weeks or every two months.

Packages: All sessions are discounted.

Rebooking discount. First session is full price, as are other sessions booked outside of discount time-frame.

Packages: Higher, up-front payment. 

Rebooking discount: Pay as you go single sessions.

Packages: 10% discount.

Rebooking discount: 20% discount for rescheduling within 2 weeks. 10% for rescheduling within 2 months.