Ease into Fall 30 Day Challenge

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If you’ve known me for 10 minutes, you know that my thing is not pummeling, bruise-inducing deep tissue massage.

As time passes my approach continues to soften and be inspired by mind/body/spirit practices. 


In fact, my choices for continuing education have strayed far from my beginning education which was based on western medicine concepts. I’ve learned hypnosis, angel healing, Reiki and the like. When people ask me for advice, I tell them to try qigong and meditation.


Sometimes mind/body/spirit methods are considered “woo woo,” questionable or bordering on worrisome, and reserved only for dreamers and flakes.


No matter how much they call me a flake or dreamer, I’m not backing down from my “true calling” which is to make space in the world for MORE SOUL and less beating and control.


And I want to tell you a secret:

Do you know who has been THE biggest enthusiast for this kind of work in my practice? You might guess it was a client of mine originally from Mt. Shasta California, an angel and crystal healer/yoga teacher who has done Reiki for 20 years, more well-versed in the woo than I am.



It’s a double MBA-from-good-schools, Vice-President-Senior-Analyst-at-a-large bank, Ironman-triathlete, smart-suits-and-Hunter-boots, practical, logical New Englander.


She first started coming to me several years ago when she decided there was more to life than having a beer (or six) with your buddies after work on Friday nights.


So she became runner. 10K-er. Half marathoner. Triathlete. Marathons, blown vertebral disk, surgery, rehab, re-train, more marathons, (dating, family, friends, career, travel I’m tired just writing this!) IronMan trained for, travelled to, and cancelled due to weather at last minute, another blown disk, surgery, omg, and finally, this weekend, IronMan finished with flying colors. I just watched the video of her smiling/bouncing/dancing over the finish line!!


My client’s dizzying lifestyle is the stark opposite of my slow, contemplative one. But we have an interesting thing in common:


We have figured out that there is more to the body than muscle and bone. Mind and spirit are also powerful forces when it comes to physical changes and it serves us well to harness that power!


This client eagerly tried hypnosis to calm and focus herself for the swim portion of triathlons.

She fell in love with qigong when PT and regular massage didn’t help enough with her post-surgical cervical pain.


She even put a pink energy bubble around herself when my Reiki guides suggested it would help her swim!

I don’t study textbook anatomy anymore because that isn’t where “it’s” at. Energy and intuition is the future. It isn’t reserved for flakes and freaks.


It’s for forward thinkers unafraid to ditch conservative or outdated ideas…or at least unafraid to throw some woo woo in there too!


(By the way, can we stop saying woo woo? I use it for easy recognition and association. Sad. But it’s like calling me a masseuse. Let’s just stop. I will if you will. Let’s bring it into 2017 and say integrative therapies, ok?)


I told you about my client because I wanted to show that there isn’t only one “type” who values “this stuff.” I wanted you to not only take it from me, but from someone who is strong and successful by conventional standards!


If you haven’t had the result you wanted in reducing pain, starting to exercise, feeling more vibrantly healthy, maybe it’s time for a new approach. Maybe go softer instead of harder. Maybe give your body a break and let the mind and spirit have a turn.


Try something new and easy for 30 days. See if it doesn’t begin to ease your pain, increase your energy, or enhance your mobility. (You don’t have to be training for an Ironman to benefit :-)

Here’s the deal:


Ease Into Fall 30 Day Challenge

You get:

  1. Two 60-minute massages with easy breathing/meditation instruction incorporated into the session. This breathing and visualization can be used with whichever gift you choose.

  2. Choice of Special Gift (see below)

  3. Daily support/check-in for 30 days.

  4. BONUS: You will receive a one minute massage add-on to your next appointment for every day of the challenge you complete. 

  5. PLUS! You will be entered to win a 2-hour massage IF (oops, I should say “when”) you complete all 30 days of the challenge.



I chose these because I have used them all and have felt the benefits for myself. Please let me know if you need help deciding which would be best for you!

Gift #1) 30 Days of QiGong Download

QiGong Master Lee Holden is so good! He gives the eastern and western perspectives as he’s explaining the movements and benefits. He’s studied all over Asia with the best of the best.

You’ll receive a subscription to his 30 day qigong challenge. It’s only minutes per day to start feeling better! I’m always impressed by how effective are these seemingly simple movements. I’ll bet you’ll feel improvements before the 30 days is up!

Gift #2) Reiki Level 1 Attunement + 20% off my upcoming first-ever Reiki 1 Class!

I am so excited. Five years after starting to study and practice energy work, I feel compelled and ready to teach some basic classes!

A major part of Reiki is reiju or “attunement.” The attunement is a short meditative process to help you work with Reiki.

Your challenge will be to practice the Reiki meditation (I’ll teach for your reiju) 10 minutes a day for 30 days.


Gift #3) Hypnosis download of your choice from Uncommon Knowledge.


If you have a stumbling block you haven’t been able to work around, maybe hypnosis is for you. It will take 20-30 minutes daily, but ALL you have to do is plug in and listen. You can even do it as your falling asleep. It’s pretty much effortless. Listen and wait for the whispers of change to start creeping in. Having studied hypnosis myself at the Hypnosis Training Institute’s 200 hour program, I can tell you these are professional and effective. I have used them myself. Listen for 30 days to complete the challenge!


The Cost

Your two 60-minute massages with guided breathing meditation, choice of gift, daily support, bonus massage minutes, and entry to win the free 2-hour massage will only set you back $195.

All that fun and inspiration (plus the 2 hour massage if you complete the challenge and win the drawing) for less than the cost of the two massages alone!


1. Must be purchased online by this Friday, August 25, 2017.

2. You can start the challenge any time between purchase day and September 1, 2017.

3. Once you begin, you must check in for 30 consecutive days, whether you completed the challenge for each day or not.

4. Missing a check-in will disqualify you for the bonus or for entry to win the 2 hour massage.

(This is for motivational purposes only. I WANT you to complete your challenge!)

5. That does not mean that simply checking in every day qualifies you to be entered in the drawing. :-) You have to complete every day!

6. Your 2 massages must be completed during the challenge. (It will serve you best to do the first massage within the first week of your challenge because you will practice the breathing guided meditation.)

7. Check-in is by email or text. Check-in is a brief description of your experience with your challenge for that day.

(Cheaters only cheat themselves. :-)

8. You will receive a bonus of one minute of massage added to your next paid session for each day of the challenge completed. (Yes, it’s ok to add it to a massage that’s part of a series or rebooking discount.)

9. If you’ve completed 30 consecutive days of your challenge, your name will be entered to win a 2-hour massage.

(If you win, yes, you can break it into 2 60 minute sessions if you prefer.)

10. If you don’t want to be challenged, that’s ok, too. Just get the massages and gift and work at your own pace.


Sign up online. Can be purchased as gift. Or you can schedule the first session and pre-pay. I will contact you about your gift.

Contact me if you need more details.

text: 617 455 7085

email: lisabedoyamassage@gmail.com