About my practice. Are you one of my people?

The people who join my practice are those seeking connection and balance in a fast-paced world. They want to feel like a person, not another faceless client to rush through the system. They don’t want a fast-food style drive-though massage, but would rather invest in a sit down dinner where they can take their time to relax and digest, and where the service is courteous and professional.

When you come to see me, we will take time to discuss what you want to work on. Some of you will have an ongoing painful condition and will be seeking different, deeper ways to approach it. Some of you will really need some deep, relaxing downtime. Some of you have been searching for a new massage therapist and aren’t sure who to trust.

Whatever the reason for your initial search, all of you that end up joining my practice will value commitment, reliability, honesty, and kindness. Young or old, fit or feeling less-than-healthy, you are welcome here…to turn off your electronics, to leave your duties for a couple of hours, to go inside and simply be.

Knowing the muscles and how they behave goes without saying. But I believe a good therapist will also offer a place of comfortable acceptance, will offer a quiet space for you to be yourself. Maybe your pain won’t disappear 100% and immediately. But to the best of my ability I will apply what I know and will hold the space for you to heal and to find the way to where you want to be. Those things I can promise. That is the mission of my practice.