For the past few months, All One Donations have been being used to purchase artwork from local artist, Peggy Cahill (AIRE Arts), to be donated to non-profit organizations. We recently received this thank you note from Peg:

If you are view this on your phone, the image loads upside down. I haven’t enough time in my life to figure out why, so I’ll type it out for you instead!

“Dear Lisa & All the Supporters of All One,
I am so moved by your outpouring of kindness and generosity. Thank you to each of you for contributing to Lisa’s fund that joins us all together in a spirit of unity by bringing artworks to people and places that need a lift of the spirit, and a good dose of beauty!
It was amazing to go with Lisa to the EMPath program in Brighton (where 56 young women and their children live as they work toward self sufficiency for one year) and install 6 different artworks on the bare walls there, infusing a spirit of solidarity and a message that there is a larger community of people out there who care.
It’s a wonderful feeling to pool our collective resources into a collective mission. Thank you again for all your support of All One/AIRE, and for inspiring me to create art as a pathway to healing.
Much love,


This is the front of the note card, which was created by Peg. I like it so much that you’ll see it framed on the wall in my office!

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