All One Fund Recipient

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The current recipient of our All One Fund is a dear friend of mine, Peggy. Her life and livelihood have been severely compromised by a condition that is insidious in our society, little known but slowly gaining attention as our earth becomes sick with toxicity and environmental damage. The condition is called TILT and you can read about it HERE.

My friend has suffered much. Still, she lightheartedly refers to herself as a canary in the coal mine of our planet earth, as she relates in her personal account of her ordeal. She has become ultra-sensitized to the smallest hints of chemicals that, if allowed to continue circulating unchecked, will certainly harm more of us as it has harmed her.

As her way of participating as the All One recipient, Peg has invited us to join in a brilliant program of hers, called AIRE Art Donation Project. In a nutshell, through All One donations, we are purchasing her own original art which in turn will be donated in our name to a community program.

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AIRE PROJECT: Art Inspires Roots of Empathy