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Autumn, the season that reminds us to let things go. Out with the old, in with the new. Learn from the trees who let go of the decaying leaves and think about what you can let go of in your life that is negative and no longer serves you. This includes friendships and relationships that are causing a negative impact on your life. This also is a great time to purge your closet or home from unused items or physical clutter. When we release the baggage that is weighing us down physically and emotionally, we create a space for growth and inspiration.

As the air gets cooler and the leaves on the trees radiate with color, this shift in the season is also felt in our bodies. As our body adapts to the change, sometimes allergies, colds and coughs become more prevalent.

“Since fall is a natural time of letting go and getting organized (think of trees dropping their leaves and animals getting organized for hibernation), a lack of awareness in this regard can lead to feelings of stagnation and a lack of harmony with life’s flow. All of which can affect the health of your Lungs and Large Intestine channels.” – Dr. Patricia

The use of essential Oils during this time can be comforting for our body and mind during the autumn. They help to restore comfort and ease to tired bodies. They can relieve nervous tension that comes along within the transitional period. They are also warming and strengthening to support our body combat the environmental changes.

Here are our Top 10 Autumn Aromas:

Cardamom: Warming and enthusiastic, helps combat nervous exhaustion, balanced the nervous system,calming, general tonic for the body. Aphrodisiac.

Cinnamon: Enhances properties of other oils, antidepressant, restores ease and comfort to tired, fatigued or overworked bodies.

Clove: Very warming, and like cinnamon, increases metabolism, relieves pain, settles stomach, refreshes and restores and overworked mind and body.

Nutmeg: Pain reliever, relieves stress and mental exhaustion, reduces respiratory issues, improves sleep quality, supports heart/liver/kidney health.

Sweet Orange: Relieves inflammation, lifts the spirit and promotes feelings of joy. Cleanses the lymphatic system and calms the nerves.

Balsam Fir: Refreshing, promotes mental clarity, energy boosting, lung tonic, helps with sore muscles and joints.

Black Spruce: Purifying and cleansing, promotes openness and awareness for the mind. Respiratory tonic, clears congestion.

Scotch Pine: Purifying and stimulating, deodorizing. Promotes strength and vitality.

Ginger: A warming and strengthening tonic that aids in digestion and also in TCM helps move the flow of stagnant chi and circulation of blood. Restores emotional depletion and counteracts exhaustion.

Black Pepper: Warming, eases anxious feelings, relaxes muscular tension, boost immune system, high in antioxidants.

You can also find some of the oils mentioned above in our Autumn & Spiced Chai Eternity Blends.

In our next blog post we will share some our our favorite Autumn body oil recipes. What are your favorite blends to use this time of year? Please share!