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Boston Winter Stone Warming Massage

Here are the things I bought for you, my awesome clients, as I sat moderately disgruntled (though admittedly toasty with my comforter and cup of tea) during the snowstorm this past Saturday. It has been mild so far, but now I’ve been turning on the massage table heater every day. I wanted to make it even cosier for the rest of the winter!

I’ve been eyeing these massage stones for awhile and finally ordered them. They are hot stones, but you heat them in the microwave, not in a turkey roaster full of scary scalding water (which never struck me as a particularly user-friendly or wise idea) like “regular” hot stones. Plus they have these weird but practical bumps to apply to knots and deeper tissues. Check it out:


Another thing that’s been on my to-do list is to try some new aromatherapy blends. I found this company and these are a couple of the ones I got. Anything from something called “Aromaland” can’t be bad, can it?



Muscle Warm has strong ingredients. Pretty sure it will be warming. I’m curious as to how it will smell. You’ll have to help me decide.




Ubiquitous as it is, everyone (myself included) loves lavender. This one is lavender mixed with some of my other favorites: geranium, orange, cedarwood, and frankincense! I can’t imagine it won’t be amazing.





Next. I currently have some tiny little hot packs I use for my cold-feet people. Recently I remembered a massage therapist who used to put snuggly, pre-heated booties on my feet, so I decided to upgrade!




And while I was shopping for the booties, I also saw this thing and couldn’t resist!



So there you have all the components of the Boston Winter Warming Massage.


$50 30 Minute Boston Winter Warming Massage

$90 60 Minute Boston Winter Warming Massage

$130 90 Minute Boston Winter Warming Massage


I am also offering a special Series of Three Boston Winter Warming Massages.

That should be enough to get you through the rest of the winter!

Get 15% off when you buy 3!

$140  30 Minute Series of 3

$267  60 Minute Series of 3

$369 90 Minute Series of 3

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These are 15% off when you buy 3.

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