Sole Proprietor

Calm for the Holidays

This year the season has me feeling nostalgic. I hosted the special Thanksgiving Reiki Circle, and now I’m putting up lights in the office, a few too many, it was almost too bright!

I’m even searching for Christmas music on Youtube. How do you feel about scratchy acoustic Indie artists caroling during your massage? The Little Drummer Boy bossa nova style? Oh dear, I have Johnny Mathis, and some choir boys, too!

Later I’m going over to Mahoney’s to get one of the evergreen candles they have this time of year that smells like a walk in the woods in winter, (possibly slightly better than the real woods, plus it’s not cold.)

If you’d like to join me in my cozy nest, I’m offering two special sessions:

1. Shoppers’ Break:

An hour long massage with an extra 15 minute foot massage if you’ve been traipsing the malls…or head, neck, and shoulders for all the cyber shoppers!

You’ll also get to¬†choose an aromatherapy roll-on, inhaler, or spray to take home for a shot of instant peace whenever the blood pressure starts to climb. Only $85. Happy Holidays :-) BOOK NOW


2. High Vibe:

Deeply relaxing 45-60 minutes of Reiki plus Essential Oils specially blended to support the chakras, which in turn support the body and mind.

The root chakra oil is earthy and rich, great if you’re feeling scattered. The heart center blend is open and light, uplifting if you need a boost!

You can pick the oils you like the best, or your energy body will tell me which ones you need.¬†Also includes a take-home inhaler to keep that high vibe rolling through the winter! This one’s just $65. Tidings of great joy.

Come see me for a peaceful hour and some church music, just kidding, only if you want. It is really pretty, though, if you’re in the mood. SIGN UP RIGHT HERE. See you soon!