This is my plan as of July 6th, which reflects current guidelines offered by the state of Massachusetts and various massage therapy professional organizations. Please do not ask me to alter them. 

Please make sure you understand the risk of blood clotting issues with Covid-19. View info.

I will be taking temperatures, including my own, and if both are under 100F, will proceed with the session.

Last minute cancellations with no charge, for any sign of infection of Covid-19, or suspicion of infection due to close contact with an exposed person etc. will be allowed and required, on my part as well as yours.

Please wear a mask. I will be wearing a mask and require you to do so as well. There is no provision of exception to this rule in the State guidelines. If you are unable to use a mask, please do not schedule an appointment.

I am also required to wear gloves, without exception.

I may refrain from spending a lot of time working close to your face and neck.

The waiting room is not available. Please wait in your car or outside, practicing social distancing if other clients are waiting. We will be texting our clients and  escorting them into the building when it is time for their appointments.

There will be an extra intake and waiver form, and the assumption that if you have reason to believe you have been exposed, will inform me immediately, as will I inform you, including up to 14 days after your appointment.

It doesn’t appear that linens are a great risk. Hot water is the only guideline offered by the CDC. However, as an extra precaution, feel free to bring your own set of twin sheets, if that makes you feel more comfortable.

I will also be removing blankets from the table. They will be available by request, and you can also bring your own. I do have the table warmer and can turn the space heater up if yo are chilly.

Disposible face-rest covers will be used.

Massage cups will not be used.

Extra time will be allowed between clients for sanitizing.

I will be wearing a face mask, glasses or shield, and gloves. I will change my t-shirt after every client.