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Deep Dive Healing Immersion Program


For chronic, painful conditions, a 90 minute or even two hour massage is often a drop in the bucket. The muscles, connective tissues, and nervous system have been adapting as best they could for years and years…and we have an hour and a half to unravel all of that. I can get sad.

I want to get out of “full body massage” mode that glides happily along the surface of stuck, hurting muscles and dive deep myself. I want to go muscle by muscle. I want to sink into the top layers and convince them it’s really ok to soften and allow access to the deepest layers.

I want to take the time the body needs to slowly release. It needs time to understand that it can safely let go of the clenching, the guarding, the contracting. Emotional and physical. And also we get the brain on board to send out the signal that all is well, that we really can stay soft and open.

Some massage protocols call for treatments three times a week for example, but really, who does that?

People go to PT because it’s covered by insurance, but treatments are chopped up by body part and 15 minute increments, and don’t include emotional and spiritual healing (or lavender essential oil :-)) Physical therapists know their stuff, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that their skills are bound by insurance codes. I get it.

In the Deep Dive Immersion, we are doing an average of at least three weekly 1-2 hour bodywork sessions, stretches at home, and Reiki and aromatherapy.

Stay tuned if you have a painful condition and the thought of a stay-cation holistic healing retreat sounds like just what the doctor ordered. I and my beta testers are working out the kinks of this new program. If all goes as expected, I’ll have time for about three spots per month for others who are ready for a deep dive into pain relief and healing!