Headache Help

When new clients who suffer from headaches come in, I see relief on their faces when they hear that I “know what they are talking about.” I get migraines myself and that’s the reason for my particular interest and empathy for chronic head pain.

When a client comes in with a random tension headache, it is typically reduced or gone by the end of a massage session.

Chronic headaches, especially migraine attacks, are more complex. Research is promising, though, for the effects of massage in relation to migraines as well as tension headaches. And it doesn’t surprise me. An angry muscle is a powerful thing! I find that many of my clients (and sometimes their physicians) don’t realize how much pain can be caused by “just a muscle.”

Complementary therapies like massage and Reiki are enhancements to whatever medical interventions you may have in place. I never promise to be able to “cure” migraine. What I do promise is that I will always do my best to help…and I never rule out the possibility of miracles!

Here are some ways my clients have been helped:

 – Migraine related to menstrual cycle: Coming in when they know the headache is about to start has reduced or stopped the attack. The type of treatment has depended on the person.

 – Migraines related to stress: The frequency and intensity of attacks has been reduced with regular sessions of relaxation massage and/or Reiki.

 – Migraine related to muscle tension, especially in the neck: The frequency and intensity of attacks has been reduced with regular sessions of  targeted deep tissue massage with myofascial work and trigger points.

Please come talk to me and receive your free 15-minute sample session. You’ll have a better idea as to whether you think my services will help with your headaches, and I’ll give you my opinion as well. If I don’t think I can help you, I will be honest about that, too.

I look forward to meeting you!


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*The techniques used in the study about tensions headaches are techniques that I use, and the finding was that the frequency of headaches decreased with 2 thirty-minute massages per week for four weeks.