Holistic Headache Program

Do any of these sound like you?

You have been plagued with headaches and have only used medications to manage them, and you’d like to explore other options.
You’ve had occasional massages and they helped a little, but you stopped going in for one reason or another.
Or maybe you’ve thought of trying other holistic therapies, but didn’t know where to start.


Here’s what I can help with, and sample plan:

Sample is loosely ordered and number of sessions of each will vary.

Each massage may include essential oils and massage cupping as needed.

Sessions should be close together, spanning 2-3 months.

Plan will be collaborative with client taking an active role in how therapy proceeds.

First visit: Consultation + general massage to assess your condition

Massage Deepening: specific work on affected muscles and structures

Massage + Instruction: specific work plus instruction on trigger points to be continued at home

Stretching: stretching session with instruction for continuing at home

Massage Integrating: General, integrative massage with specific attention to affected area as needed

Reiki: Reiki treatment, general Usui or Sei He Ki

Reiki + Instruction: Reiki treatment and Reiki breathing and meditation instruction

Massage Integrating or Deepening: Integrative or specific as needed

Aromatherapy: Essential oils assessment and creation of products for home use. Aromatherapy will have been used throughout, and we will decide which ones were most effective.

Reiki Deepening: Further work with affirmations and Sei He Ki

Reiki Deepening: Reiki attunement and self-treatment protocol