Have you ever heard about the health benefits of meditation? But have trouble sitting down to do it? When you are hypnotized, your body learns what it’s like to fall into a deep state of relaxation…and to reap all the healing benefits of the “Relaxation Response.” Learn self-hypnosis so you can bring yourself into this state of calm every single day. You CAN live in peace from your chattering mind…and those harmful “stress hormones” that we hear so much about. Find refuge in your true self, in and out of my office.

Hypnotically Healing

My style of hypnosis is soothing and relaxing. No sudden slumping into weird robotic states, and definitely no urges to quack like a duck! Your breath will help you drift easily into a powerful daydream where you can explore the serene essence of the true you. Notice how positive thoughts replace destructive ones and your outlook improves once you get back to your every day life.

I do not specialize in quick fix hypnosis, such as for weight control or smoking cessation. I use it to help you relax your mind, get clear on the things you want in your life, visualize your goals, and remove subconscious blockages.

Initial Session

You will fill out a detailed intake form and we’ll have a conversation about your goals. Then we do the hypnosis!1 ½ to 2 hours.


Follow Up Session

We’ll check in on how you’ve been since your last visit and then do another hypnosis session. 1 to 1 ½ hours.


Initial Session plus 2 Follow Ups

What Hypnotherapy Is

  • a way to be deeply relaxed and intently focused at the same time
  • wonderful for stress reduction
  • similar to meditation, visualization, guided imagery
  • a method of goal clarification and motivation
  • used for pain relief and healing
  • helpful for relationships, career, and life goals
  • a way to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts
  • a way to remove obstacles and effect change

What It Isn’t

  • a magic trance you get stuck in;
  • a way for someone ELSE to control your mind;
  • effective for making you quack like a duck in public;
  • done by a creepy guy with a pocket watch.

How It’s Done

  • We have a discussion to define your goals.
  • You lie down, close your eyes, relax.
  • Visualization is used to deepen your relaxation.
  • Guided Imagery helps you imagine your goal.
  • We discuss obstacles and find solutions.
  • Positive thoughts are suggested to replace negative ones.
  • You return to your regular, fully-awake self.
  • You learn methods to continue the process at home.
  • You find positive change gradually entering your life.
  • Or sometimes, big changes happen fast.

Who It’s For

  • those who are really ready for change and willing to do what it takes to get it done;
  • those who want to explore their goals and motivations or lack thereof;
  • those who are motivated but try as they might, can’t seem to reach their goals;
  • sometimes in the course of therapy you find that the thing you thought you wanted was not really what you wanted at all…and that clarity is your reward for having done this work.

Who It Isn’t For

  • those who expect their problems to dissolve and their dreams to come true with a snap of my fingers;
  • those who aren’t ready to take responsibility and ACTION for improving their own lives.