I Got Clubs

Does life seem to be getting faster? Did you forget to book your massage again?

Join the club :-)

Join one of these subscription services and set up a recurring appointment. With pre-payment and pre-booking it’s easy to build self-care into your busy schedule!

(Rather keep your schedule flexible? No problem, a recurring appointment is totally optional, for your convenience only.)


 Birthday Club: Do you remember  the “Christmas Clubs” the banks used to have? You put aside an effortless little amount every month and when Christmas came, voila! You had a nice stash to go shopping!

$9.99/month auto-withdrawal for a 90 minute massage on your birthday! Other options available*


QuickStop Club: Run in for a 20 minute Chair Massage, Stretch, or Reiki. No changing, no oil. Just in, relax, and out!

$14.99/month auto renewal. One QuickStop included with membership plus Unlimited additional sessions for $15 (regular Quick-Stop fee: $25). Unused pre-paid sessions roll over to the next month or can be used by family and friends.


Flex Club:  The more you come in the better the savings! One QuickStop per month included, plus savings on table massage!

$19.99/month auto renewal. One QuickStop included.

Unlimited 60 minute massage sessions for $75, 90 minute sessions for $110.


Classic Auto Renewal: Comparable to Rebooking Discount, but better!

Speedier checkout since all services are pre-paid.

A 60 minute massage on your birthday is included!*

Also, with auto renewal, you commit to once monthly instead of every three weeks as with Rebooking Discount.

Unused sessions roll-over to the next month, or can be used by family and friends.

$85 auto renewal: one 60 minute massage/month

$115 auto renewal: one 90 minute massage/month

(Unlimited additional sessions at same fee)

$155 auto renewal: two 60 minute massage/month

$220 auto renewal: two 90 minute massage/month

*60 minute birthday massage after 12 payments.


Fine Print: (ok, large print) MUST READ before entering into any subscription agreement!

Unused, fully pre-paid auto renewal sessions (Classic Auto Renewal sessions and QuickStop portion of Flex Club) roll over to the next month or can be used by family and friends. No special consideration will be given to accommodating accumulated unused sessions. If sessions accumulate and cannot reasonably be accommodated by my schedule, no refunds will be made and membership may be ended at my sole discretion.

Birthday Club 90 minute massage becomes available after 12 payments of $9.99 have been completed. *Options available to receive a 60 minute massage after 8 payments or a 30 minute massage after 4 payments. Any services partially paid at the time a subscription is terminated will be forfeited.

Flex Club services (except for full pre-paid Quick Stop session) do not roll over to the next month. If you can’t make it in for even one 60 or 90 minute table session during any subscription month, and no family member or friend take your place, no subscription dues will be refunded.

Subcriptions may be terminated at any time by either party. NB: Allow up to 60 days for the request to go through, depending on the cycle of payments at the time of request for termination. No subscription dues will be refunded for any reason.

Any missed payments result in immediate termination of subscription with no refunds remitted, and no obligation on my part to provide any service partially paid at the time. If the payment situation is resolved promptly, the subscription may be reinstated without forfeiture of partially paid service, at my sole discretion.