Friends + Resources!

Dovenstar Intuitive Reiki Institute Starr Beauvais is a true Reiki Master, having taught and practiced Reiki for 20 years and having come from an impressive Reiki lineage. This means that her teaching is less “watered down” since her teachers were closer to the founder, Mikao Usui than many people teaching Reiki today. Besides that Starr “lives and breathes” Reiki. It how she makes her living and spends her days. Her energy is pure and strong and I am grateful to have her as a teacher.

Do-It-Yourself Joint Pain Relief  The links below are to people I know but not this one. I came across this chiropractor on Youtube by chance, and I just had to share his webpage. He shows techniques for relieving pain in many areas of the body that you can easily learn to do at home or at work all by yourself. His approach is basically the same one I use when I do “that shoulder thing” that relieves so many your shoulders! I hope you visit his well-organized and easy to understand website and find it useful!

Main Event Fitness I like to refer my clients to Wendy Perez for personal training because of her Masters Exercise Physiology, plentiful and diverse experience, and friendly, upbeat personality. Ryan Brown works with Wendy and is my personal trainer. He is extremely laid back and will forgo the “buttkicking” upon request. He begins at the beginning, making sure your form and mobility are in shape before moving on to adding resistance. His martial arts background makes him very aware of subtle movements and the importance of the breath. If you are injured or have chronic pain, Ryan will help you safely, effectively, and at your own pace!

Back Bay Acupuncture
Christina Dea is a gentle, caring acupuncturist who helped me with the stress and anxiety that was contributing to my headaches. She is a top-notch professional with a soothing demeanor and a beautiful, calming office in the Back Bay. Christina is also a certified herbalist and has tons of tips for eating properly for each season and considering the condition of your body. I recommend Christina because of her skill and personality, and because she is truly dedicated to healing and community service. In addition to her private practice, she has served at Pathways to Wellness in the South End for years and she donates to neighborhood organizations like The Women’s Lunch Place.

Dash Cafe is where I get my lunch. They have interesting, internationally-flavored and yummy sandwiches and salads. I’m a vegan so I love that you get get lots of the items made with tofu. They treat that tofu with love, too. It’s grilled like everything else, not all soft and mushy. Best of all you don’t have to pay 60 extra cents for soy milk in your green tea latte…as it should be!

Phyllis Wilson/The Wise Woman
It is common for sole proprietors such as myself to feel overwhelmed with tasks that have nothing to do with our chosen vocations, like newsletters, blogs, and websites. If this is you, you must contact Phyllis Wilson right now. She makes you feel like YOUR little business is the only one on the planet and she is on the ball with technology to help you easily and effectively communicate about your services with your current (and potential!) clients.  Phyllis created my current website, exactly how I wanted it in less than a week at a very reasonable fee.

Guided Meditation Programs
I have used BrainSync guided meditations for years. A nearly effortless way to begin changing your mind and then your behaviors. Contact me for specific recommendations.

Benefits of Massage Therapy
Information from my professional organization Associated Massage and Bodywork Professionals (ABMP) with links to research articles and the National Institutes of Health Complementary Medicine division (NCCAM).

Hypnotherapy Training Institute
Randal Churchill, hypnosis “teacher of the teachers,” author, and his colleagues, the top-notch, talented professionals who taught me hypnotherapy. Their 200 hour program is miles above the quick weekend workshops and included theories of hypsnosis, regression training, and various methods of trance induction in addition to the basic how-to.