First Visit/Park/Transit


Right off Mass Pike exit 6. Merge to the right onto Burnett Road. From Springfield 291, just keep going! It becomes Burnett Road.

Plenty of free parking in the lot. It’s the plaza NEXT TO the Trading Post. Don’t get mixed up!

Come right in and have a seat.


Arrival Time

No need to arrive early. I allow 15 minutes for your intake and then you will still get the full amount of time you signed up for. Check your email for your intake form when you schedule your first visit.



17 Henshaw Street is a Victorian house converted to offices. There is no sign out front. Come right in and you will be in the waiting room.

Please wait there.

I’ll come down to find you. The owners have asked me to have all clients wait in the waiting room. Thank you!



Free Street Parking – Don’t be confused by the signs! It’s not only for residents in these areas:

Directly in front of our building, visitor parking is allowed on the opposite side of the street as the building.

On the next block, you park on the same side as our building.

Free Public Parking Lot – Adjacent to the police station, NOT directly behind it.




Henshaw Street

Henshaw is a one-way street – accessed only from Cambridge Street. It’s the right just before the police station.

There is a hair salon is on the corner and #17 is the third house on the right.

Stop at Dash Cafe at the corner right next to the salon if you’re early, or for a nice cup of tea afterwards. They have great salads and sandwiches, too!



Public Transit

Bus 57 from Kenmore, Elko Street stop, 1 minute walk

Green B Line Warren Street stop, 5-10 minute walk

Bus 65, Washington Street and Waldo Terrace, 2-3 minute walk

Bus 66, Cambridge Street and Brighton Ave., 10-15 minute walk

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