A few days ago I was feeling sick. This was strange for me because I generally don’t get sick. I don’t remember the last time I had the flu, a cold, sore throat, etc. But the other day, there it was, that achy, fever-y, oh-no-I’m-getting-sick feeling.

I remembered one time, long ago before I knew the word vegan. I was sick and my sweet, motherly Mom brought me chicken soup. With that memory, for one of the very infrequent moments in my vegan life, I felt a craving for something animal.

That disturbed me. It disturbed me the way bone broth disturbs me. All over the foody and healthy sections of the internet are the raves for bone broth. I was mad because I knew what they were talking about, that chicken soup-y, boney, deep down feeling of healing that comes from these time-honored broths.

Even though I knew there was no way in hell I would eat that bird or marrow-infused broth of horror, I was mad that I knew what they meant.

I was determined to find what it was in bone broth that gave it its healing properties. When I came upon this article I flipped.




“Even ethical vegans” should not be drinking bone broth. The title already says it: RUFKM. I’ll leave it at that.

Luckily it wasn’t hard to find others who had done my research for me. AND had devised recipes to help vegans like me who were starting to feel a little sick and who also knew they would not be drinking bone broth.

This is the one I made. (I did tweak it a little according to personal preference and contents of my pantry), but it was delicious! Not only that but it provided that soul-level satisfaction of Mom’s poor dead-bird soup. (Sorry Mom, but it was even better.)

AND! It fixed me right up ;-)

How to Make a Delicious No-Bone Broth [Vegan]

Here is the website of the creator of this godsend, Chef Mark Reinfeld:


I don’t know him, but checking out his website makes me want to get to Colorado to take his classes and become a vegan healing chef!

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