Sole Proprietor

Series of Confusion


The changeover to my new scheduling system, called MassageBook, is finally over.

Thanks for your patience as I struggled through the nightmare of a trial of the system offered by Square.

Everyone seems to be liking MassageBook.

There have been 4 questions recurring questions, though, which I’ll answer here. Let me know if anything else needs clarification.


Upon scheduling, MassageBook automatically sends a digital intake form to anyone for whom there isn’t one on file. I would like to have them all on file online, even those who have already have a paper form on file. I am satisfied that your information is secure. However, if you prefer not to fill out the digital form, we can substitute a paper one when you come in.


You can create an account with MassageBook. You are not required to do so, but registering a user name and password will allow you to sign in and cancel or otherwise modify your appointments. (Of course, if you want me to manage your appointments for you, just text or email me and I’ll take care of it. Some people just prefer doing it themselves.)



When you cancel one appointment, the wording of the auto-reply makes it seems like ALL your appointments have been cancelled, but that is not the case. Don’t worry.


FAQ: PACKAGES VS. SERIES (short answer = they are the same)

  1. They used to be called packages, 4 packs, or packages of 4. On MassageBook they are called “Series.”
  2. A Series is 4 sessions of a service pre-paid with a discounted price.
  3. To purchase a Series:
    1. Register with MassageBook and sign in to your account.
    2. Choose “Special Offers” from the service menu.
    3. BOOK the first session of the Series you want.
    4. Choose to pre-pay or pay at the time of your appointment.
    5. Now each time you sign in and book an appointment, your pre-paid sessions will tick off so you’ll ┬ácan keep track of how many you have left.
  4. Don’t want to register? The other option is to simply purchase a Series as a Gift Certificate. Then book the appointments whenever you’re ready and present your gift certificate at checkout.


There are two options for giving a series as a gift.

  1. Follow #3 above. This may be awkward because you need the login information of the recipient and they will need to tell you when they want to come in. Not appropriate for surprise gifts!
  2. Buy a gift certificate for the Series. The recipient schedules a regular appointment and presents the gift certificate at check out.