What is TILT?
TILT (Toxicant Induced Loss of Tolerance) is a disorder caused by exposure to harmful chemicals. It is a life-changing and limiting condition. You can read more here about TILT from renowned immunologist/ allergist and tenured professor, Claudia Miller, who has devoted her life to the study of environmentally induced or exacerbated illnesses:

Read about Dr. Claudia Miller and learn about TILT

What is QEESI?
QEESI (Quick Environmental Exposure and Sensitivity Inventory) is a screening instrument developed by Dr, Miller to evaluate an individual’s level of chemical tolerance. You can find it here:

Download the QUEESI test
QEESI is a must have for everyone. It evaluates one’s propensity to chemical intolerance. Please share this information with friends and loved ones, so people can ask their healthcare providers to begin to use it in their practice. Use it for yourself or give it to someone you know, to see if you are susceptible to TILT and to map out preventive health strategies.

What are the known toxins? 
The EU bans 1.200 chemicals. The US bans 10. The EPA has identified known chemicals of concern and health implications:

EPA Chemicals of Concern and where they’re found

The list of toxins  that can damage our health is long, including things like pesticides, herbicides, synthetically fragranced detergents & dryer sheets,(which contain hormone and endocrine disrupting substances for all), cleaning products, VOC paints, carpets, furniture with flame retardants, diesel fuel and gasoline, and the list goes on.  This website is very informative:

Safer Chemicals website

Environmental Working Group (EWG) has studied over 2,000 household and personal care products and related health effects.  They are an advocacy group based in DC and a very reliable resource for researching what is safe and healthy. Go to:

Environmental Working Group website