Why choose this?

People like to say that a massage for your body is like a tune-up for your car, but I’m not so sure about that…

It could be true if your car is running well and just needs the oil changed every 10,000 miles. If your car is on the fritz, though, it will take more time and concentrated effort to discover what’s going on. That’s the reason I started offering Transformational Packages.

I wanted a more structured way for us to work together. Here are the types of things we can tackle:

that constant neck pain,

that buzzy, foggy feeling of too much stress,

or that stuck, sore feeling of decreased mobility in your joints,

that feeling that now’s the time to up your health and well-being, that your job and family, moon, stars, intuition and to-do list have all lined up and it’s time to take a leap!

So we’ll work together in a focussed, intensive program of Goal Setting Sessions, Self-Care, and In-Office Therapy Sessions of either massage, Reiki, or stretching either once or twice a week for 8 weeks.

I am ready, willing, and able to offer more! But. If your body is on the fritz and you want to make changes, I need us to work together! Ready for more? Read on for details.


  • First we’ll decide if a Transformational Series is right for you, and if so, which one.
  • We’ll meet for your first Goal-Setting session to clearly define your objectives and make a plan to work on them. We may practice stretches or meditation depending on your goals.
  • We’ll make your appointments for your therapy sessions and decide on your self-care plan.
  • You’ll begin coming in for scheduled sessions and working on your self-care plan in between your appointments.
  • I will check in daily to hear your progress, offer support, or answer questions.
  • Halfway through the program, we’ll meet in person for the second Goal-Setting session. We’ll discuss your progress and plan the second half of the program
  • We will finish the second half of your sessions, self-care, and daily check-ins.
  • When you’ve finished the program, I’ll help you decide on what, if any follow up sessions you’d like to do, or if a different goal is now more appropriate.


What exactly are the options?

BodyMind Reset

Why? This is for that day when you wake up and decide it’s time to make some changes. Maybe you’re run down, tired, stressed, achy. Maybe you feel good, but want to take some focussed time for your health and well-being, maybe getting ready for a new, exciting chapter of your life. It would be nice to have someone on your side, lending support, witnessing your progress.

How? We’ll choose 8 therapy sessions of massage, Reiki, stretching, or a combination, depending on the goal you choose. Your self-care program can be whatever you want. If you don’t have something specific to work on, I suggest setting aside time for a journal every day. I have been journaling for years, especially during times of change. Along with meditation, it has been the most useful thing I’ve done to keep me centered and positive.

Meditation Challenge

Why? The benefits of meditation are now well known and I have many clients telling me they “wish” they could have a regular meditation practice. As a long-time meditator myself, I want to help people enjoy the benefits as I have for the past 20 years. Even 5 minutes a day can seems daunting, but it’s easier when someone else cares whether you’ve done it or not. That someone would be me. I’ll bet you can do it for 30 days and you’ll be on your way to a life-long practice!

How? We’ll practice meditating together during your goal-setting sessions. You’ll make a plan for daily meditation. Then you’ll check in every day with the happy report that you completed your meditation for that day! You’ll have 8 Reiki sessions, that are like power-meditations. So you’ll get used to that awesome, floaty feeling and look forward to getting into that state of relaxation at home.

Serious Stretch

Why? If you have pain or lack of mobility, massage feels great, but moving that stuck sore area can feel even better! So many people come to me saying “I know I should stretch more but…” But they don’t know how, they don’t have the motivation, etc. Or some have ended physical therapy, but still want to continue to improve.

How? In your goal setting sessions, we’ll practice stretches that you can do at home. Then you can check in every day to ask questions or just to report that you completed them that day…instead of ending the day, again, by wishing you’d done some stretching. You’ll also have 8 assisted stretching sessions so you can really relax into the movement, training your body to move with less pain and restriction every time.

Why should you work with me?

Of course you want a skilled and dedicated bodyworker. You can visit About Me for my bio and  list of qualifications regarding bodywork. (Scroll down when the page opens.)

But you may be wondering why I am qualified to help with the check-in and motivational part of these programs:

Because of pre-massage therapist work in social services and the 18 month apprenticeship I did in the Lightworkers Healing Method, I am a great listener. A gentle, yet honest provider of feedback. A neutral, yet interested supporter who wants to see you succeed. It is the mission of my practice to support my clients as they move further into authentic self-expression, which I believe is a foundation for health. I don’t have a complex, expensive method as a personal coach might have. I have a simple, inexpensive offer to show up every day and to listen and care.

You’re probably wondering about the cost of all this.

You’d probably agree it’s human nature to stay motivated when you’ve already paid for something. That’s the advantage to paying for everything up-front. Break it down and you’ll find that they are the most cost effective way to receive my services. You’re getting 10 sessions (regular fees $70-105)  for $589-850, including one-on-one help with self-care skills, exceptional bodywork, PLUS daily support to complete your goal. Price-wise, it’s a significant discount. But the fact that you’ll be coming in regularly and doing self-care at home means even more bang for your buck for your health and well-being than if you visit every so often for a service at regular fee.

Ready to work? Here’s what’s next:

Please fill out this quick questionnaire to help us decide if one of these Series is the right choice for you! I’ll be in touch after I read your answers. I look forward to hearing from you!

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