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The first thing people ask me is this:

What kind of massage do you do?

Great question.

One massage does not fit all!


These are the reasons people come to me:


Chronic neck pain, headaches, back pain. Most of my clients have upper body pain.

I love unsticking shoulder blades, soothing spines, and finding secret muscles connected to migraines.


They want to try Reiki. They know they like massage but have heard about Reiki and have questions or want to try it.

Try Healing Massage + Reiki (or Reiki Pure if you’re ready to jump right in to energy work.)


Real relief. They often have been for spa, or general massages that felt nice, but didn’t really address their concerns.

I like to think my work is different, but don’t take my word for it: Check out my reviews.


Less meds. Or they are looking for natural, holistic pain relief.

The “medicines” I use are massage, reiki, massage cups, and essentials oils: no side effects and non habit-forming.


Mystery pain. Others have been to the doctor, but still have discomfort. Have you been told, “There’s nothing wrong”?

It might be “just” a muscle…but muscles can really hurt. You’re not crazy.


Old Injuries. They have pain and stiffness from old injuries or trauma: stuck, tight, painful tissue that just won’t stretch out.

Let’s try massage cupping.


And stress! Stress is now identified as the root to many physical ailmentsYou can’t stop thinking, have trouble sleeping, or feel anxious, like the other shoe is always about to drop.

Let me give you a true relaxation massage.



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