If you have pain or stress, you don’t need the extra worry that you’ll spend time and money on the wrong therapist!

That’s why I offer a free consult and sample session at both my Boston and Chicopee locations.

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I do suggest you read the rest of this page before you book.

Even a “freebie” is worthless if my services don’t match your wellness goals!

(I specialize in relief for headache/migraine and neck/shoulder pain. Please find a qualified therapist if you need a different specialty, e.g., sports, prenatal, oncology, etc.)


As you know, one massage does not fit all. Sports, prenatal, deep tissue…it gets confusing.*

Are you my people?


  • Chronic neck pain, headaches, back pain. Most of my clients have upper body pain. I love unsticking shoulder blades, soothing spines, and finding secret muscles connected to migraines.
  • Real relief. They often have been for spa, or general massages that felt nice, but didn’t really address their concerns. I like to think my work is different, but don’t take my word for it: Check out my reviews.
  • Less meds. Or they are looking for natural, holistic pain relief. The medicines I use are massage, reiki, massage cups, and essentials oils: no side effects and non habit-forming.
  • Mystery pain. Others have been to the doctor, but still have discomfort. Doctors are great but they don’t know muscles like massage therapists do. Not knocking the relief of pills and injections, but the unhealthy muscle is still underneath!
  • Old Injuries. They have pain and stiffness from old injuries or trauma: stuck, tight, painful tissue that just won’t stretch out. Let’s try massage cupping.
  • Computer Work. Repetitive motions that come with computer work or physical labor. I like to use my oil called Rapid Relief, and the oh-so-popular CBD
  • Experience and personal attention. Tired of faceless, bored, or new practitioners? If you want a dedicated professional with years of experience, get in touch and let’s get going!

In a nutshell: I specialize in headaches, neck, and upper back pain, and my clients usually find the relief they have been searching for.

When you come in for your consult, I will tell you whether, and how my services might help.

I never, ever promise that I will “fix” you. But I do promise that I will always do my best. And I’ll tell you up front if I think I can’t help.

Even if you are skeptical about massage and Reiki, it’s usually worth at least coming in for a consult. I’d love to have a chat and get my hands on your area of pain. Sometimes even I am pleasantly surprised to see how much skilled, caring, bodywork can help even a body that was giving up hope.

There’s no need to wait. Text me any time at +1 (617) 455-7085 I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can. Hope to see you soon!


(*Please note: I am not trained in pre-natal or oncology massage. Please find a therapist certified in these specialized fields to safely and effectively serve your needs. 

Also if you require painful, hard-pressure, vigorous “sports”massage, I can assure you you will be disappointed with my work.)